How to remove Spaces between Words on text that are copied over the internet or PDF files

Here is another Tech tip brought to your by Tech Pacific. This time we look at ways to remove  Spaces between words that are copied from PDF to MS Word.  Most times, when you  copy text over the internet or on PDF files, the texts may not display properly. In this tech tutorial we look at removing Spaces between words that are copied from PDF and pasted in MS Word.  Below is a text that was copied from PDF file and pasted it in MS Word. You can see that there are many spaces between the words. Just imaging you copied a 50 pages PDF file text and you pasted on Word, how would you solve the Spacing problem if you encountered this problem?  Well, this tutorial outlines the solution to overcome this problem. You can also watch a great video at the end of this post.

After you have pasted your Copied text from PDF to word, you can follow the following steps to remove the space. 

1.  Bring up the Find Replace Dialogue box (MS Word window:   Home tab) 

2.  Use the Replace Tab and in Find What : Type or Shift + 6 to bring up the character ^ and type letter  'w'  as show in the diagram above or you should have typed in  ^w

3.  In the Replace with text box, place your cursor right at the beginning and press the Spacebar once to create a space. Now you are telling word to insert only one space between the words. 

4.   Then go to "Replace All" command and Word will remove all the spaces. 

5. Click close to finish the task.  You final text will now look like below.

Note: If you are confused, check out the video below. 

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