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PNG VISA fees to be paid in US dollars via Online payment Gateway

PAPUA New Guinea’s Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) has announced that all visa fees will be paid in US Dollars (USD) effective Nov 1.
The fees can also be settled via a new online payment gateway by going to http://www.ica.gov.pg and creating an account.
Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha, pictured, said the new fees for various transactions were approved by the National Executive Council last year but the implementation was pending the introduction of the new online payment facility.

He said the new fees provided a standard rate in USD for visa fees charged by ICA domestically and by PNG diplomatic missions abroad, allowing visa applicants in any country to pay the same amount regardless of the value of their currency or fluctuations in exchange rate.
“This is the first review of visa fees after more than 10 years to ensure it is comparable to fees charged by other countries. Our fees are very low compared to other countries.
“For instance, we do not charge tourist and visitor’s visa fees whilst other countries such as Australia charges a tourist visa fee.
“This is a big step forward in generating foreign reserves for the country in a small way and improving revenue collection for the Government,” he added.
The new online payment gateway will allow applicants to pay fees online using their visa debit card and lodge their applications with the copy of their payment receipt.
Payment of fees will go directly into the Government’s revenue account, avoiding cumbersome processes of remittance of revenue from missions collecting fees.
“We have also introduced a two-day priority processing service fee for visas if applicants need urgent service,” Kantha said.
He said under the new payment option, applicants did not need to physically queue up to pay visa fees, passport, citizenship or other migration service fees.
“They can make multiple transactions for the same or different service at the same time.
“All they need is to visit ICA,” he added.
He said the new online payment facility did not only make migrant transactions more efficient and convenient, it also prevented fraud and other abuses. Statement

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