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Bmobile new Fortnight Data Plan

So Bmobile is now offering another data plan called  Fortnight Data Plan. Bmobile has posted the following ad on this data plan.

'Want a Cheap Mobile Data Plan that satisfies your fortnight needs for the right price!?
Then make sure you get your fortnight fix with bmobile’s new Fortnight Data Plan!

Designed to suit your fortnight budget, the new Fortnight Data Plan contains 5GBs of data, is valid for your 14 day fortnight period, and costs just K30!

This is a limited time offer, dial *777# to subscribe now.


  • Data Plan : 5G
  • Price : K30
  • Validity : 14 days
  • multiple subscriptions : yes
  • How to subscribe : dial *777#
  • How to check balance. dial *120#

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