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Telikom PNG Data Plans for Telikom TV

Telikom PNG has announced the data plans for Telikom TV which comes with four data plans which customers can purchase to view channels or simply watch Netflix.

The Data plans as announced are : 

  •  7 Days  unlimited access    :    K195
  • 2 Days unlimited Acces      :    K72 
  • 1 Day unlimited Access       :   K40 
  • 6 hous unlimited Access      :   K12 

Telikom TV is a fixed line platform which offers 20 unlimited channels that are all 'free-to-air' and are tied with telikom's fixed and fiber internet bundles.
The service is be accessed through a Decoder (Set Top). The decoding device is selling for K150. The service is only available at your home and office fixed internet service.
The service has began in Port Moresby and will soon be rolled out to other Centres where there's presence of Copper (ADSL) and Fiber (GPON).

For more information, call our customer care on 345 6789

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