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PNG ICT Minister Appeals to Media to report more on Development News

Papua New Guinea  Minister of Communication and Information technology is appealing to the mainstream media in the country to dedicate more newspaper space and airtime on development news in 2020.

Having an extensive background with the broadcasting and print media industry and now as Minister responsible for Communication and Information Technology, Timothy Masiu understand and appreciate the importance of freedom of the press, however, his concerns is mainly from the fact that there is too much focus on negative views.

He called on media outlets to always endeavour to balance their stories, both negative and positive news.

He is reminding journalists that this is our country, every piece that journalists write leaves an undeletable mark in history influencing perceptions of us as a people and nation domestically and internationally and more importantly, where we want to head to as a young emerging nation.

He is making it clear that as Minister responsible, this in no way means that Government intends to censure or control local media.

Minister Masiu is challenging reporters, journalists, bloggers and digital content creators to dig deeper, report with hard facts, but as citizens, find a good balance in their reporting and presentation of news so to protect our sovereignty as we endeavour to sustain our culture and our future.

The ICT Minister has instructed his department to immediately liaise with all Ministries and departments and state agencies to have more information available for the mainstream media, and for public communication.

Under its 2020 Annual workplan , the Department of Information and Communication Technology will also develop and launch the National Online Information Portal, which will see an increase in media and public access to government information.

He appreciates that for the government to have more sustained positive media coverage, Ministers, Departmental and Agency Heads must make themselves accessible on a regular basis to the media when needed.

Minister Masiu intends to make this happen in 2020 and beyond while efforts are currently being made through new and existing platforms like the NBC Press Club and NBC Government Talkback Show and most recently the FM100 Talkback Show that the Prime Minister launched.

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