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More People using electronic transactions, Bank South Pacific looks to advance digitally

THE Bank South Pacific (BSP) is seeing more electronic transactions with 10 million per month, says chief executive officer Robin Fleming.
He said more transactions were being done on the Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and digitally.
Fleming said the bank was trying to identify more opportunities to advance its digital initiatives.
He said in the first quarter of the year, the bank experienced “growth in our electronic channels”.
“In the first quarter, we had 10.7 million transactions in key areas with our digital top-ups, mobile banking transfers between parties and eftpos (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) in particular,” he said.
“For 2020, we are looking to refocus being able to provide more capability for SMEs (small medium enterprises) and others to take advantage of improvements in our internet network.
“We are looking at being able to promote more online activity and identifying ways on transacting without necessarily relying even on our eftpos network.”
Fleming said that from last year, the board’s key focus was to advance its digital strategy and capability.
“This is to ensure that we got a robust plan in the face of external threats and risk,” he said.
The bank is continuing to focus on SMEs.

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