Bank South Pacific BSP introduces visa card for small businesses

Papua New Guinea based BANK South Pacific introduced its small and medium enterprise (SME) business Visa card that uses contactless technology and security around could be used anywhere within the country or abroad, an official says.
Group general manager retail Paul Thornton, when launching the card, said it was specially designed for the bank’s SME clients who hold SME current account and SME package accounts.
“A BSP customer under these accounts is eligible for the new SME Visa card,” he said.
“The upgraded SME Visa cards would replace all existing smart business cards.
“The new BSP SME Visa card will empower and enable small business owners to make safe, reliable and convenient payment from their business account.
“The SME Visa card will help enable start-ups and SME customers to seamlessly manage their daily operations, conveniently pay for goods and services, secure excess funds and build a financial footprint to enable access to credit for expansion.
“It also allows them to access their business accounts remotely around the clock and around the world or purchase goods and services, and cover business and travel expenses at merchants worldwide directly from their business account where Visa is accepted.”
Thornton added that the SME Visa card could also save the small business owner’s time and money by allowing them to check their account balance, request cash-outs and request a mini statement at any of BSP’s Eftpos and automated teller machine (ATM) or using any other bank’s ATM or Eftpos machine in the country or overseas where the Visa logo is displayed, as an accepted card.
For card transactions under K50, BSP SME customers can purchase goods and services using the “Touch & Go” option with no need for a PIN.
“As a leading bank in the Pacific, BSP continues to offer a range of banking products and services to aid small businesses manage operations, conveniently do purchases and securely access funds and expand footprints,” Thornton said.

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