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PNG needs Internet filtering system : Official

PORNOGRAPHY is a growing concern in Papua New Guinea hence an internet filtering system is needed to stop the flow of indecent material online, an official say.
Acting Chief Censor at the Censorship Office Jim Abani said information both good and bad were circulating without any restrictions on the internet. So the internet filtering system would restrict content which are pornographic or indecent in nature, so that people would not access it.
He said according to the law, no one was allowed to have pornographic and indecent materials.
Abani said the increase in and uncontrolled access to pornographic sites and downloading of indecent materials had led to the development of a paper for the establishment of internet filtering system.
“People are saying that we are trying to deprive their rights,” he said.
“It’s not about depriving people’s rights. It’s about protecting and upholding moral standards in this country.”
He said the research on media and sexual content started in 2018 and was now almost completed.
“We need support from all agencies so that information can be gathered to provide us some baseline evidence to have an internet filtering system.”
He said the censorship office was soliciting for “higher political will and support to ensure that this concept became a reality”.
He said in the past officers were stationed at the airports and wharves to confiscate items such as magazines that contained information deemed indecent.

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