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Digicel users to send money free via CellMoni service

 DIGICEL PNG customers using its mobile wallet service CellMoni will now be able to send money to another CellMoni without paying any transaction fees.

The offer is for a limited time only.

Digicel said the mobile wallet service had been available in the country since last November giving users the possibility of depositing money to their accounts, sending money from one CellMoni account to another, doing top up, paying bills and making payments, among others.

“Now, and for a limited time only, the mobile service offers free p2p, which means that when you send money to another CellMoni user using your phone, you will not pay any fees for the transaction you are doing,” Digicel said in a statement.

“Additionally, you will be able to pay bills, pay for goods and services at a merchant and do account related queries such as balance check, change Pin, and identify closest authorised agent and more.

“CellMoni is a service that allows you to do all your transactions at anytime, anywhere, just by using your phone. It aims to make life easier, allowing your loved one or you to access money whenever convenient.

“CellMoni brings a reliable, easy to use, and economical way to manage money; offer such as free p2p are just the beginning of an entirely new set of norms where services are at the palm of the user’s hands.”

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