How to Apply for Bank South Pacific BSP Personal Loan Online

BSP PNG | Bank South Pacific (BSP) customers will no longer need to visit a branch to apply for a personal loan, it can all be done now in the comfort of their homes or office.

According to Dennis Konu, Deputy General Manager – Customer Experience & Support, this is made possible through the launch of the latest addition to the BSP Digital Banking service offering – the “BSP Customer Self Service Application (App)” which is now available to customers.

BSP Customer Self Service Application (App)”

The BSP Customer Self Service App is all about empowering our customers and helping them save time and cost of visiting our branches to avail services.

  • The first available service on this app will allow BSP customers to apply for a personal loan, have it reviewed and funded.
  • The app will allow customers either individually or jointly, to apply for a new or additional BSP Personal Loan online.
  • Customers can simply complete the electronic form, attach all required documents and submit through the app.
  • This app will be accessible to customers with Android smartphones, and can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.
  • Once downloaded and successfully installed on your smartphones, a simple input of your Account or Customer Information File (CIF) number, completion of the application and at a click of your finger the application will be submitted to a BSP lending officer.

There are no registration or service fee applied and is free for our customers to access.

“The app improves accessibility to digital financial services for our customers and caters for the growing number of customers who have smartphones.”

“”It is easy to use, convenient, saves time and provides customers an alternative to branch visits”, said Mr Konu.

Furthermore, the customer will receive a SMS with the status of their loan once processed.

This enables our customers a safe and convenient digital banking solution.

BSP continues to deliver innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and access to digital financial services to meet the shifting needs of our customers.

Mr Konu added: “The BSP Personal Loan offers flexible repayment, competitive interest rates and comes with free consumer credit insurance.”

“The minimum loan amount is K1, 000 and the maximum K50, 000 unsecured. This means you do not need to have savings or assets to apply for a BSP Personal Loan. Our interest rate is at 26% per annum.”

For more information or assistance with the new Customer Self Service App, you can contact us via email:, or call our Customer service centre on 320 1212/7030 1212.

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