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DHERST : PNG Tertiary Selections list for 2021 - Update

 The Tertiary Selections for Tertiary Institutions in Papua New Guinea are yet to be released by the Department of Higher Education Research and Technology (DHERST). The department scheduled 8th of January 2021 as the date of publication of  Tertiary Selections results but this date has elapsed with the result not made known. No one knows the reasons why DHERST has failed to release the results on the scheduled date but hopefully sooner or later ,this will be made known during the publication of the results. 


Many students and parents have taken on the social media pouring their wrath condemning the failure by the department on delaying the selection results publications. "It has become very expensive for me to buy internet data and later going online to  see selection results not uploaded". said one commenter. " Most of us live in the rural areas and its hard for us to see the results, please DHERST, do the right thing by putting up the selection results, the set date you put has gone past", another commenter said.  

Where to get or view  the 2021 PNG Tertiary Selection List ?

The DHERST has delayed the announcement of Selection Results for 2021. However, every tertiary institutions  has an Selection account with DHERST and they should be  able to login to their selection accounts on the DHERST website and get the selection list out.  Few tertiary institutions have done that and have announced the acceptance list for their respective institutions. 
Update: DHERST has released the full list of selection list 

These universities that have released their selection lists for 2021 are :

TESAS List for Continuing Students 

The TESAS list for continuing students are still pending. Again the delay is with DHERST. Only the Divine Word University has released the list of continuing students but the listing does not say TESAS selection list, thus DWU only released  the list of continuing students only. 

Non School Leaver Selections List 

The selection for Non School Leavers are facilitated by each institutions, expect for Teachers Colleges which is facilitated by the Department of Education. The following Institution(s) have released their Non School Leaver Selection List. 

Colleges in PNG that have released their acceptance list are

Acceptance list for Teachers College 

Acceptance List for Nursing Colleges
Note: The above information will be updated as selection lists are published online. 

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