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PNG University of Technology Officers Get Advanced Electronics Trouble shooting and Repairing Training

Technical Officers from the PNG University of Technology underwent a three days in-house training on Advanced Electronics Trouble Shooting and Repair recently.

The training was facilitated by the University’s Electronic Services Unit in collaboration with the Teaching Learning and Methods Unit for technical officers for the various academic departments and service units at the university. The training program was tailored for the technical officers that are involved in electronics and electrical maintenance at the institute.

Course facilitator and Senior Technical Officer with ESU, Mathew Civil further expanded the technical officers’ knowledge base on the following areas:

• Understand ohm’s law and its applications.

• Use a digital multi-meter to measure voltage, current and              resistance 

• Understand differences between an AC and a DC circuit.

• Master the techniques of Solder and De-solder of electronic components on an Electronic PCB board.

• Easily identify different types and values of all passive and active electronic components, their applications and common failures.

• Develop fault-finding and repair skills to repair any faulty electronics equipment/systems.

Participants were happy with the entire training, they said they got insights that would help them while conducting their daily work in the laboratories. They thanked the facilitator Mr Civil and TLMU for organizing this training. 

Upon their completion of training, participants were awarded certificates and officiated by the former Dean of Engineering, Professor John Pumwa and Senior Assistant Registrar Mrs Kavanamur Polin.


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