How to Approve or Delete Spam Comments on Weebly Blog or Weebly Website

Weebly blog or website lacks comment control mechanism and thus sites or blogs designed through weebly are frequently affected by Spam comments. If your site is hosted by weebly, spam comments are likely fill up site. Below is a tutorial how you can approve or delete or remove unwanted spam comments. 

This tutorial outlines the following: 

  • Delete Weebly blog /site  Spam Comments
  • Approve or Delete Weebly blog Pending Comment

How to Delete Spam Comments on Weebly blog/Site 

You can follow the following steps to remove all the spam comments in weebly website or blog. 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password and hit login

  3. Now you should have your account overview interface and you will realize that you have two Edit Site tabs (one on the left under Overview and one on the right)  . Click on the Edit Site under Overview (left).

  4. Go to Blog Comments 

  5. Selection the name of your blog if you have many on your site. 

  6.  click on Spam 

  7.  Check Select All (note,it will select only 5 comments so you need to repeat this several times until all the comments are deleted).
  8.  Hit delete 


  • Approve or Delete Weebly blog Pending Comment
  1. Follow all the steps from 1 - 6 outlined  above.
  2. Click Pending Tab

  3. Select  All
  4. Click Delete to remove comments or hit Approve to approve comments. 

Note that when you click on Select All comments , only five (5) comments are selected at a time where you can  either approve or delete. If there are numerous comments in your blog, you need to apply the Select All process multiple times to either remove or approve all comments completely.

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