How to report Online Scam or Fraud to Kina Bank

 As part of our on-going effort to protect Kina Bank customers from social media scams and other online frauds, we’re proud to share these simple steps to help keep you safe and secure. We call them the “The 3 R’s of Online Safety”.

Step 1: Reflect – consider if the post or content seems genuine. Does this person or company feel legitimate? Kina Bank will NEVER ask for payments via social media platforms like Facebook.

Step 2: Research – if you are unsure, do a quick Google search on the person or company and look for reviews, complaints or other information. Very often, you’re not the only one with a concern. If you’re unsure about an online payment involving a Kina Bank account, call us immediately on +675 308 3800.

Step 3: Reach out – Talk to someone you trust and see what they think. You can also contact us on +675 308 3800 (toll free 180 1525) or if you are concerned about your Kina Bank account or online payment. 

Don’t forget to always be cyber aware. 

There currently is a scam message that is being sent via WhatsApp, the sender is promoting themselves as a Kina Bank-sponsored organisation in order to scam our customers into providing their personal details. We want to inform our customers that this WhatsApp message is not from a Kina Bank endorsed account, nor is it associated with our services in any way.

Are you cyber fraud aware?

Common strategies of fraudulent accounts include:

- using recognisable logos and names (like Kina Bank) to gain your trust

- an email or message that is not from a trusted domain from the organisation

- asks you to provide sensitive personal information like your driver’s licence and bank account details

- offering you financial incentives upon receiving your personal data.  

If you suspect someone is impersonating Kina Bank, please report it to us at or call +675 308 3800 | Toll Free 180 1525

Source: Kina Bank

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