How to solve 404 Error Page on Blogger without coding

 The Page Not Found error or 404 error may drive your website visitors go crazy or  reluctantly exit your page immediately after they are fed with the 404 error. This may result in  drop in your website ranking as well.  This post outlines simple steps to solve this error on hosted websites or blogs without any coding at all. 

Why is 404 Page not found error occurs on blogger 

There are several reasons why the 404 error occurs but now lets look at two of them.

  1. user enter wrong URL address
  2. Post indexed by search engine but was deleted by site owner. 

How to solve 404 Error on blogger 

  1. login to blogger
  2. go to settings tab
  3. scroll down to Errors and redirects under settings tab

  4. Click on custom redirects as show above
  5. Click on Add

  6. enter the part of the URL with the error page and the new  page where you want to redirect your visitors. Please note that you are to enter part of URL in both cases just after your domain name. see example below.  

  7. Enable Permanent redirect. 
  8. click ok  and save your template 

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