PNG Government's Finance System IFMS Software cost half a Billion Kina

 Papua New Guinea Finance  Minister Sir John Pundari has told parliament that the Government has spent close to half a billion to set up the current integrated financial management system (IFMS) or software, when it was first introduced into the country.

PNG Government's Finance System  IFMS  Software cost half a Billion Kina 

“I don’t have a clear figure on how much it cost to set up the IFMS, but since it was introduced, I am aware that a large amount of money has already been spent on it,” Sir John said.

“Maybe close to around half a billion kina.”

West New Britain Governor Sasindran Muthuvel raised a series of questions in Parliament yesterday regarding the IFMS system, distribution of district and provincial funds and the recent malware attack on the government’s financial system and its impact.

In addressing the suggestion to revert to the former malware system, Sir John said that his department had no plans to do so at this time but would advise Parliament if this changed.

“Going forward, I will inform leaders of parliament if we should choose to go down that path again, but at the present time we are going to do the best we can with the present system,” Sir John said.

Muthuvel also suggested to Sir John not to use provincial services improvement programme fund on government departments in the provinces, which would delay the funds set aside for appropriation in the national budget.

Sir John replied that as far as provincial services improvement programme fund were concerned, it was common knowledge among members that those funds were not for regional expenses.

Earlier, the PNG Governments IFMS  system came under attacked by Ransomware infiltration forcing all systems to shutdown. The hackers who infiltered the system demanded large amount of money before they (hackers) could restore the system back. However, according to the country's finance minister , Sir John Pundari, the finance system was restored back without paying any money to the hackers.

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