Taxpayers in PNG can now Pay Online using MyIRC Application

 TAXPAYERS in Papua New Guinea (PNG) will be able to pay their dues to the PNG  Internal Revenue Commission (IRC) without much hassle thanks to a new online platform that was launched recently.

The online application is called MyIRC, the portal will ease filing timelines and due dates extending them by an additional two months under the lodgment programme.

PNG Commissioner for Tax Samuel Loi said the purpose of the online platform was to help taxpayers pay tax online using their mobile phones and tablets instead of standing in line to do business with them.

Taxpayers in PNG can now Pay Online
Taxpayers in PNG can now Pay Online 

“The portal is not only for taxpayers but for tax agents as well,” Loi said.

He said theme of the programme was ‘building the foundations of a robust and modern tax administration’ that would align with IRC’s digital transformation strategy.

Loi said the MyIRC portal would help IRC improve its customer experience, transform operational processes and change the business model.

Kina Bank executive general manager Lesieli Taviri said the bank would support the mission and vision of Internal Revenue Commission of becoming a modern organisation.

“We do realise that the delivering of this online service would benefit all stakeholders,” Taviri said.

Taviri said Kina Bank would continue to commit to the partnership with Niupay to be able to improve customer engagement, data collection and security with other services needed.

Niupay chief executive officer James Inglis said the digital self-service platform would help tax payers to interact directly with IRC.

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