Don't Complain on Social Media , Says PNG PM Marape

Papua New Guinea PRIME Minister James Marape has asked Papua New Guineans not to rely on social media, particularly Facebook, as a reference or to raise allegations against others.

Marape said social media was a place to connect and for opinions, but should not be the place to raise concerns about others.

Facebook is not a place to lay Complains, says PNG PM Marape 

“Facebook is not the place to lodge a complaint, Facebook is not a place of reference to raise issues to the Government.”

Marape said allegations and complaints put on Facebook did little to resolve issues and the proper channel was to lodge these concerns with the appropriate authorities such as the police.

He said the Government had put together the Independent Commission against Corruption for those with genuine complaints to lodge their complaints.

“Police are also available to those with genuine complaints to lay their complaints against another,” he said.

Marape was responding to questions raised by Opposition Leader Belden Namah on payments received by a former Forestry minister.


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