Cyber security course boost for PNG ICT officials

 A PARTICIPANT in Papua New Guinea's  national cyber security analyst course says training is enhancing for those in the information and communication technology (ICT) field.

Digital Services and Cyber Safe Security executive manager Georgina Kiele said it was refreshing for all Government information and technology (IT) officers to learn about cyber defence.

“The tier one of the cyber security analyst course was offered only to information technology officers in Government departments, including the state of emergencies,” she said.

Kiele said any IT officer qualified in tier one training could move on to tier two.

“Training can advance to tier two where the information about cyber security and cyber defence are more advanced,” she said

“We’ve learnt about the importance of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility as the model around information security.” Kiele said there were six batches in the training and the target of the next batch was women in ICT field.

Papua New Guinea Department of Internet Communication and Technology secretary Steven Matainaho said those that completed the programme were awarded certificates.

The National / Pacific Tech News

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