Cyber crime on the rise, says PNG ICT Minister Masiu

Papua New Guinea  INFORMATION and Communications Technology (ICT) Minister Timothy Masiu says cyber safety, security and crime are rising with the increase in internet accessibility in the country.

“The Digital Transformation Policy 2020 and the Digital Government Act now provide a direction and pathway towards strengthening collaboration and coordination among all stakeholders in pursuing the digital government and digital economy agenda,” he said.

Cyber crime on the rise, says PNG ICT Minister Masiu
Cyber crime on the rise, says PNG ICT Minister Masiu

“This ensures no one is left behind.

“The act now gives the ICT Department a legal mandate to coordinate the digital transformation with the public sector.

“Digital safety is an area of priority for the department.

“The department and the National Information and Communications Technology Authority (Nicta) are tasked to ensure the broader goals for girls in ICT are translated into action strategies and are implemented to provide them with equal opportunities and access to new and innovative digital technologies and services.

“Nicta has been actively overseeing and promoting the Girls in ICT programme with the primary goal of promoting gender balance in the ICT sector,” he added.

Speaking at the International Girls in ICT Day Celebration on Friday, Masiu said the day was aimed at encouraging girls to pursue careers in ICT.

“This year’s theme, access and safety is timely,” the minister added.

“It is a reminder to everyone, including the users of digital technologies and services, the vendors, industry and the Government to give equal attention to the challenges and risks associated with cyber and digital technologies.”

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