PNG Department of ICT Staff To Attend Regional Security Training in Vanuatu

 The Papua New Guinea (PNG) Department of ICT staff, Mr. Jessy Sekere left for Vanuatu on a Secondment Program at the Pacific Fusion Centre which will last for 5 months.

Mr. Sekere is among other national security officers from across the Pacific region who will be stationed at the Pacific Fusion Centre and carry out various activities that concern the regional security of the pacific which the Pacific Island Forum Leaders have identified in the 2018 Boe Declaration.

The activities include;

  • Climate Security
  •  Cyber Security
  • Human Security
  • Environmental & Human Security
  • Economic Security
  •  National Security & Transnational Crime
  • Preserving the Rule of Law

They will also undergo other training which includes but are not limited to;

  •  Strategic Analysis
  • Domain Awareness
  •  Capacity Building
  • Information Sharing

The team was officially welcomed by Vanuatu’s representative of the Chief and a serving member of the Vanuatu parliament on a small but significant occasion in Port Vila in Vanuatu.

The occasion was witnessed by the Director of the Pacific Fusion Centre and the staff of the center.

Mr. Sekere’s focus is on Cyber Security and Economic Security and he intends to come back to contribute to the PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology and the country as a whole with the skills and experience he attains from the training.

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