Port Moresby school to have new ICT lab

 STUDENTS and staff of Kwikila Secondary School in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea  will soon have access to their new information and communications technology laboratory (ICT lab), an official says.

Papua New Guinea's National Information and Communications Technology Authority’s (Nicta) principal project engineer for universal access services Warren Suti said the lab would be completed by the end of month.

“The lab will have 20 computers, Wi-Fi connection and e-library,” he said.

“Once the tables and chairs are assembled, students and staff will be able to use the facilities.”

Suti said the construction of the lab was a commitment made by ICT Minister Timothy Masiu to the school.

“In 2020, the minister told the school that the Department of ICT would build the lab but Nicta took the initiative to build it on behalf of the ICT Ministry,” he said.

Suti said the construction of the lab began in 2021 but due to the Coronavirus epidemic it had slowed the progress.

Suti said solar panels were installed as a substitute for a generator during power outages.

“Eight-12 solar panels were installed on the roof of the lab so whenever there is blackout, the lab still has electricity to keep the computers running and the air conditions,” he said.

The National / Tech Pacific 

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