What is a Social Engineering Attack?

 Most of the Cyber Attacks happening around the globe are due to Social Engineering Attacks.

  • What is a Social Engineering Attack?

It is a Non-Technical Attack using Psychology and Trickery. It does not involve technical offensive cyber weaponry. A classical example is when someone pretending to be calling from IT Support tricking a Non-Technical User such as a Receptionist of an Accounts/HR Officer, telling them of their password has expired and needed to give a new one. During their conversation, the impersonated IT Officer might ask for the old password and ask them if they want to retain that. In most cases Non-Technical Employees without realizing, they will disclose their current password. That same can then be used to launch further cyber attacks.

What is a Social Engineering Attack?
What is a Social Engineering Attack?

  • What can one do to defend against Social Engineering Attack?

The key remains in having a Cyber-Vigilant workforce. Cybersecurity Workshops and Training for Non-Technical Workforce is a must and must be part of Workplace Training and Development.

If you are in PNG, the following guys can help you.

"We are Papua New Guinea's pioneer Cyber Security, Cyber Defense, Cyber Forensics, Cyber Crime and Cyber Intelligence Company. We have the best in global expertise in all facets the these domains of cyber right here in Papua New Guinea.

We are offering a unique opportunity where you can collaborate with us to defend your Cyber-Ecosystems (including Information Technology and Operational Technology infrastructure). Managing a Cyber-Ecosystem blindly will lead to catastrophic consequences. You could be a click away from a major data breach or cyber attack which you are not prepared to face with issues such as limited Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs) within your IT, OT or OT/IT Security Departments.

Cyber Security is no longer an IT or OT Issue. It is a C-Suite and Boardroom issues and must be driven from the top.

Cyber Security is a shared responsibility and we believe together we can collaborate to defend PNG's Cyber Ecosystems in areas such as:

1. Cybersecurity Workforce Training and Workshops for Non-Technical Users as human beings still remain the number-one security loophole or gap where cybercriminals can get access to your cyber-ecosystem.

2. Cybersecurity Workplace Policy and Framework Developments

3. Ethical Hacking Services such as Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment.

4. Security Orchestrations Automation & Response (SOAR) as well as Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) among others.

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