Major Online Scam alert in PNG

By Nixon Philip Duban

 I have just uncovered another major scam targeting Papua New Guineans. This scam looks more neater and very promising.

I have made my own investigation and uncovered fraudsters who may have robbed our people already . They are mostly from Nigeria and picking on Papua New Guineans.

There is a website called and it looks very professional. You will be asked to nominate a platform and invest accordingly. The returns on your investment are quite huge for any normal person to refuse.

This is what is promised if you are investing.

For 7days tradeđź”»

{You get paid after 7 days of trade}  

K1,300 EARN K17,500

K2,000 EARN K35,150

K3,500 EARN K70,200

K7,050 EARN K175,500

For 14days tradeđź”»

{You get paid after 14 days of trade}

K2000 EARN K70,300

K3500 EARN k175,000

K7000 EARN K351,000

All of these are fake and misleading. On the website there is no way you can deposit so what they have done is create an account in the country.

An account has been created in Kina Bank for your investment deposits. This account must be investigated and the account holder must be arrested.

The account is refered to as the Vendor's account:


Raphael Silingu Urangu


Account Number:0015909361

There is an immediate need for Police investigation as this is an outright scam. I came across names like Katherine Baing and Lorraine Pawa who appears to be either impersonated or original by design.

But obviously they appear to say that they are overseas and trying to help Papua New Guineans. My further findings have revealed that these people are fake and running the scam.

There will also be a guy by the name of Patrick Thompson who will pretend to be the owner of the company . These are all fraudsters and use the online trading platform to induce people .

My advice to Papua New Guineans is to be careful with such scams and syndicates. They are targetting our nation and our oversight agencies must step up to the fight.

If you have already invested the money you may need to recover immediately. If there is current dialogue with the fraudsters my advice is to report them and do not invest your money.

Please take note if you are with Kina Bank or Police Investigation please pursue this matter to safeguard our citizens. These fraudsters are out of control.

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