Mobile Phone Banking with Vodafone PNG

 Vodafone PNG has partnered with Bank South Pacific (BSP) to provide mobile phone banking Services . According to the telecommunication company, subscribers on Vodafone network who has banking accounts with BSP can now access or do mobile phone banking. 

To register for mobile phone banking, subscribers on Vodafone network can visit nearest BSP  bank to register their Vodafone phone sim cards.

How to access do mobile phone banking on Vodafone

  1. Register your phone SIM card with BSP 
  2. Dial *131#
  3. Follow message menu prompt.

With mobile banking, you can 

  • Check bank account balance
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Do payment
  • Pay school fees
  • Top up mobile phones and internet data
  • Buy Power/electricity units
  • Pay for bills
  • etc

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