How to stop Auto Download on WhatsApp and Free up Space on Mobile Phone Memory

 If you ever wondered why you run  out of space on your Mobile Phone memory, well  you need to dig down deep on your Mobile phone  applications (Apps) that you have installed  on your phone. 

One of those Apps that eats up your mobile phone memory is WhatsApp .  Every chats, audios, videos you share on Whatsapp are usually auto downloaded onto your phone memory without your notice. This is catastrophic to your phone memory and the overall function of your phone. If you do not take action, this will results in the following.

WhatsApp auto download will

  • reduce your phone memory space
  • freezes your phone as your phone runs out of space
  • unwanted files (audios, phones, videos ) are downloaded without your notice. 
  • Phone is slow to respond
  • Slow  internet internet connectivity 

How to Stop Whatsapp auto download 

  1. Open up WhatsApp Application. (You must be on the main interface)

  2. Tab the radio buttons (...) on the top right hand corner on whatsapp to bring up the Settings menu. 
  3. Go to Settings and open it

  4. Under the settings menu , tab  Storage and Data to open it.

  5. To to Media auto - download (three menus there - 1. When Using Mobile Data, 2. When Connected to Wifi and 3 When Roaming. 
  6. Top on each Menus  and Uncheck  the  Photos, Audio, Videos and Documents and hit OK to save our settings

Make sure to apply Step 6 for both  When Connected to Wifi and When Roaming settings.

Please watch the video below 

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