PNG Police Website launched

PNG  Internal Security Minister Peter Tsiamalili Jnr launched the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary website on Friday at the Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby.

Minister Tsiamalili Jnr said he was pleased to launch the website as the Minister responsible for police, saying this was a milestone achievement for the orgnisation and the country.

Police Commissioner David Manning in his speech at the launch said the RPNGC Website is a platform that will redefine the Constabulary’s engagement with the community and its approach to modern policing.

“It is a milestone achievement in that it symbolises our commitment to move into and adapt digital technology in the pursuit of and discharge of our policing duties and responsibilities, as required by our Constitution, the Police Act 1998, and the Government and people of Papua New Guinea.

“The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Digital technology has transformed the way we communicate, work, and live. It has also changed the nature of crime, presenting new challenges and opportunities for law enforcement agencies around the world,” Mr Manning said, adding that the challenge is to change, adapt and move forward, or get left behind and become irrelevant and redundant.

Mr Manning said that he has always maintained that his term in office will be one to begin the transition, to set in place the foundations for the Constabulary to move forward and take its place as the police force for the 21st century and beyond.

“In fact, my appointment farewelled the “old guard” and ushered in the new. The current police executive management, and most of the middle level management, is now occupied by those of us who have come in as direct cadet officers in the 1990s.

“So, we are placed in this transition period and have the responsibility to develop, rehabilitate infrastructure, establish, and develop systems, processes and initiate a new culture of improved change and encourage a greater responsibility, and a sense of servitude, by all within the Constabulary.

“I and most of the senior executive of the Constabulary will not see the full extent of the changes we are initiating now, but our children and their children will have the benefit of a loyal, dedicated, committed and caring police force into the future.

“This website symbolically demonstrates our intention to harness the huge and limitless possibilities of digital technology to enable us to do our job better as law enforcement officers.

“For the executive of the Constabulary, I believe it is our duty to ensure that our organization is equipped with the most advanced tools and resources to keep pace with changes and effectively and efficiently serve our people,” Mr Manning said.

The Commissioner said the website is a key component of the Constabulary’s Digital Development Initiative, which is a comprehensive strategy designed to bring the RPNGC into the digital age.

He said through this initiative, the police management aims to provide police officers with modern technology tools and digital solutions that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of police operations and enhance the delivery of services to the public.

“The RPNGC Website will serve as a central hub of information for our citizens. It will provide easy access to important updates, public safety tips, and crime prevention resources. Furthermore, the website will enable us to maintain a constant line of communication with the public, facilitating the reporting of crime and fostering trust and collaboration between the police and the communities we serve.

“This website also marks a significant step towards enhancing transparency and accountability within the Constabulary and gives confidence to the public at large. It will feature a portal where citizens can report police misconduct and lodge complaints, ensuring that the actions of our officers are always held to the highest standard.

“Additionally, the RPNGC Website will act as a platform for collaboration and information-sharing with our international law enforcement partners. This will allow us to learn from best practices, access global resources, and develop innovative solutions to tackle the complex challenges of modern policing.

“As we progress, we will also make available police services online, beginning with the much sought and complained about Police Clearance Certificate. We are working towards making this and other services online and accessible on this website.

“So, the long wait, and the long queues, we promise, will soon be a thing of the past in the not-too-distant future,” assured Mr Manning.

The Commissioner thanked all involved in the development of the website, with special acknowledgement to the Department of Information and Communication Technology for their unwavering support in providing resources and facilitating the government shared cloud service for the hosting of Constabulary’s website.

“The launch of the RPNGC Website is just the beginning. We will continue to invest in digital solutions to enhance our capabilities and better serve the people of Papua New Guinea. This includes implementing advanced data analytics tools, integrating mobile technology into our operations, and investing in training to ensure that our officers are equipped with the necessary skills to navigate the digital landscape,” Mr Manning concluded.

The launch was attended by various government heads including Chief of Defence Major General Mark Goina, Foreign Affairs Secretary Elias Wohengu, Secretary for Department of Information & Communications Technology Steven Matainaho, Chief Magistrate Mr Mark Pupaka, Secretary for National Judicial Staff Services Mr Jack Kariko, Ombudsman Kevin Kepore, Chief Executive Officer of CASA, Mr Benedict Oraka, Customs Commissioner Ben Sine, Ms Edwina Kotoisuva, Team Leader – Justice Services & Sustainability for Development Program (JSSD4D), Mr Paul Kingston Isari, Registrar and Chief Executive Officer, Security Industry Authority, representatives from the State Solicitor’s Office, Mr Watson Simiong and Mr Jephet Boku and senior officers from the Constabulary, including Deputy Commissioner Administration Joanne Clarkson and Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Jnr.

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