Comparison of Internet Data plans of Mobile Carriers in PNG

 There are three mobile carriers in Papua New Guinea (PNG) . These are Digicel PNG, Vodafone PNG and  Bmobile/Telikom. This post  specifically gives insights of their internet  3G/4G data plans. The post does not cover their call rates and special offers they provide. 

Which Mobile Carrier has the Cheapest Internet Data plan in PNG?

The  the internet data plans and their prices  fluctuate every now and then as the three mobile carriers compete among themselves, a benefit for the end users as far a competition is concerned. We are going the rank the three companies based on their data plans  and cost, coverage and network glitches. 

As we stated earlier, this comparative analysis is only for the current data plans the three mobile carriers have. See the table below to compare their data plans.

Data plans for Mobile Carriers in PNG [Table by Tech Pacific]

As seeing from the table above, the three mobile carriers in PNG (Bmobile, Digicel and Vodafone) have different data plans. These are 1 day plan, 3 days plan , 7 days plan, 14 days plan and 30 days plan. Digicel does not have the 14 days plan.  All rates are in PNG Kina and the size of data plan is either in mega bytes (Mb) or Gigabytes (GB). 

Which Mobile Carrier has the Cheapest Internet Data plan in PNG?

On average, the Vodafone PNG has the cheapest internet plan in Papua New Guinea. Note that the three mobile carriers compete with each other with special data plans which this post does not capture. For instance, Digicel has a  RedClub special, Bmobile has Special Passes, Vodafone has wantok combo plans).

Ranking the three Mobile carriers according to their cheaper rates as shown in the table above is (cheapest to expensive rates) :

  1. Vodafone PNG 
  2. Bmobile PNG
  3. Digicel PNG 

Both Vodafone and Bmobile have the same data rate for 1 day plan. However, the  data size for Vodafone increases on the 3 day plan while maintaining the same price as Bmobile. Digicel is nowhere near on the two plans and  has the most expensive rates.

Which Mobile Carrier has the better network Coverage in PNG?

Digicel PNG has the reliable and better network coverage in PNG.  Digicel has network communication towers all across PNG. See the network Coverage maps below.  Our ranking in terms of their network coverage is. 

  1. Digicel PNG
  2. Bmobile PNG
  3. Vodafone PNG

Network Coverage Map of Digicel PNG 
Network Coverage Map of Digicel PNG

Network Coverage Map of Digicel PNG 

Network Coverage Map of Bmobile PNG

Network Coverage Map of Digicel PNG 

Network Coverage map of Vodafone PNG

Network Coverage map of Vodafone PNG

Note that Vodafone PNG entered PNG market recently and they have improving their network coverage. 

Network Glitches 

Network glitches  or hiccups  occur on the networks of the three mobile carriers. Some network glitches include: 

  • disappearance of unused data
  • unwarranted deduction of data units or credits.
  • calling someone without the users input. 
  • slow  internet
  • poor customer services
  • frequent network outage
  • poor network signal 
  • auto credit loan deduction 

Those issues that faced by the three mobile carriers are sometimes beyond their control as things happen unexpected. Therefore, we are not ranking the three companies based on the their network issues though thousands of end users take to social media or other platforms to express their frustrations on issues they face with their mobile network provider. 

If you still think that we should rank the three mobile carriers, inbox us through facebook, your ranking. on this link :   >. Tech Pacific 

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