PNG National Census 2024 to Leverage Tablets for Improved Data Quality and Faster Results

 Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea: The 2024 National Census will see a significant shift towards digital data collection with the deployment of 22,000 tablets, according to National Statistician John Igitoi. This move away from traditional pen-and-paper methods promises a more efficient and accurate census process.

"The use of tablets, known as Computer-Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI), signifies a safer, more secure, and quality-conscious approach," said Igitoi. He highlighted several advantages of the tablets, including:

Enhanced Data Quality: Built-in checks within the CAPI software will ensure data consistency and accuracy.

Reduced Processing Time: Digital data eliminates the need for manual entry, leading to faster statistical processing.

Real-time Monitoring: Census progress can be tracked in real-time, allowing for on-the-spot rectification of any issues.

Faster Results: With streamlined data collection and processing, census results, including population figures, can be announced within four weeks.

Previously, the census relied on paper questionnaires, which were susceptible to errors during manual data entry. The new digital approach promises a significant improvement in both data quality and turnaround time.

"This modernization will ensure we obtain a more accurate and timely picture of our population," Igitoi concluded.

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