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A Papua New Guinean in USA creates Mobile App

A PAPUA New Guinean who lives in Texas, USA, has created a first of its kind electronic learning software and mobile application called Skool Quiz.

The product was launchedlast week in the United States by the creator, Kisa Nokolu, who is of a mixed Southern Highlands and Western Highlands parentage.

Skool Quiz is a fun and interactive set of English games designed for everyone.

End users will have access to this online system or mobile application to improve their English and learn proper grammar.

According to Mr Nokolu, the content and focus of the system is to address social problems in PNG while providing a fun and interactive avenue for students, adults and everybody to play, have fun and learn.

"We want to educate our young people and students in English literacy and at the same time deliver useful contents to address social problems to help our young people avoid or prevent social problems," Mr Nokolu said.

"It’s a free mobile platform but we will need support from Government agencies, business houses and individuals.

"Our long term vision is to integrate maths, history and science quiz into this platform. It’s not about technology but creating a movement that will impact our generation."
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