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Telikom restores Internet Services caused by DOS attack

INTERNET services into PNG through Telikom PNG’s gateways have been fully restored after several weeks of users experiencing slowness of service.

The cause of these issues were traced to a deliberate attack targeted at one of Telikom’s, wholesale ISP customers, impacting Internet services delivered into PNG over its APNG2 link.

“An orchestrated and severe Denial of Service (DOS) attack targeted at Datec’s ISP caused massive congestion on Internet capacity delivered into Port Moresby over the APNG2 link. This sustained attack also overloaded our Tiare gateway routers at Ela Beach”, said Eugene Singh, Telikom’s Chief Operating Officer. “In this case, over 2,000 internet devices across the globe were involved in this sustained DOS attack, limiting the capacity of internet services into PNG and impacting some of Telikom’s Internet capacity between our Tiare gateways at Madang and Port Moresby”.

“We were fortunate that Telikom’s Madang Internet gateway continued to supply Internet services into the country during this attack”, said Mr Singh. “The issue was resolved following Telikom engineers tracing down more than 400 ISPs around the world which were originating these traffic and requesting them to prevent this issue at source, which took time to complete”.

DOS attacks are aimed at overwhelming ISP networks and resources by congesting networks with unnecessary traffic. While DOS attacks are unpreventable, Telikom has commissioned a project to upgrade its gateway routers at Ela Beach to improve its ability to withstand the scale of such attacks in future.

Telikom PNG apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers and the general public.

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