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Digicel: Data loss from network outages very rare

 DATA loss from network outages are very rare and almost impossible to happen, Digicel says.
The communications provider was responding to The National on whether a Digicel subscriber who lost data during network problems could have that data replaced.
The company recently announced its commitment to help customers minimise data loss by building a greater understanding on the benefits of data in everyday life.
Commercial director, Khattar Fehmi said access to data or mobile internet services provided the people of Papua New Guinea with “a world of new opportunities”.
“Using social media you can stay closer and connected to your family near and far, whether it is chatting on Facebook Messenger, uploading a photo on Instagram or sharing news on Twitter,” Fehmi said.
“Data loss from network outages is very rare ... if this should happen, Digicel will proactively refund customers. In the case of a network outage, the most common impact on customer experience is slower internet speed.
“Digicel’s range of data bundles is made to suit the needs of every customer starting at an hour pass for K1, ranging to monthly passes.
“We do realise some people are experiencing complications with loss of credit from using the data services we provide. There are a number of factors that can attribute to data loss, so we cannot provide one universal solution. But we can help build knowledge and provide tips on how to reduce the incidence of data loss.
“In the past few months we’ve created Digicel smartphone clinics. These are an extension of our retail stores, with smartphone experts available to provide helpful tips to customers – from understanding their own data usage, setting up email, buying data bundles to helping solve any issues you may have.”  The National
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