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Digicel PNG introduces Online world Social Passes

As Facebook explodes across the country, Papua New Guineans are enjoying the benefits of the world’s most popular social media network.

In response to this exciting new trend, Digicel has launched for a limited time, a new pre-paid data plan, ‘Social Passes’, that offers huge savings on data and access to free social media, including unlimited Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, PNG Loop and 30 days of free access to Rdio, a popular music streaming site.

The basic deal is K4 per 24 hours to get the services listed above.

There are five categories in all: K4 per 24 hours is the minimum (1 day social pass).

Then you have:

3 day social pass for K12
7 day social pass for K23
14 day social pass for K35
30 day social pass  for K70.
Digicel’s ground-breaking Social Passes campaign enables Papua New Guineans to fully explore Facebook, and all other social media networks 24/7, without the fear of high data charges incurred when using data outside of a bundle or pass.

It also comes with the auto-renewal feature, which is an essential safety mechanism for customers, keeping charges at the lower rate within the data bundle, until they wish to opt out by simply dialling *170#.   Auto-renewal is an international standard feature, welcomed by many Papua New Guineans, who can see how much money this will save them, particularly in busy times, when reactivating plans can be forgotten.

“Facebook opens up a whole new world of discovery. With over 750 million active users worldwide, it offers you the ability to communicate like never before and we want Papua New Guineans to experience this economically.

“Most importantly, it connects you with your loved ones no matter how near or far away they are. You can share your own images, comments or news with family and friends, whether it’s uploading photos from your cousin’s birthday party or sharing an interesting article on the PNG Hunters’ latest win,” said Maurice McCarthy, CEO, Digicel PNG.

“You can also talk to your friends and family via Facebook, in a very similar way to texting, through the Facebook Messenger App, which is free and 24hrs a day.

“Facebook has become hugely popular across the globe because it is fun, interesting, informative and very easy to use. It is typically the first entry point for people into the online and mobile world of social media, then people generally explore further with Instagram, Twitter and so on. ”

Mr McCarthy said that Digicel is very excited about this new addition to its suite of data plans and the value the Social Passes rolling plan provides.  This is also a great milestone for Digicel, as it showcases more of its ‘Kisim Moa Value’, value campaign offers to its customer base.

With the launch of ‘Free Social’ with Social Passes, Digicel leads the Asia Pacific region in telecommunications value. Such an offering is incredibly rare, with no equivalent deal currently existing across Australia and many other countries. Digicel is working hard to provide optimum value to their customers in Papua New Guinea.

“The development of this new plan has been highly considered to meet the needs of many Papua New Guineans who wish to explore social media like the rest of the world, but without the high data costs. For only one kina more than the average pass, the benefits of ‘Free Social’ provide incredible value for money and overall data savings,” said Mr McCarthy.

“Cheaper than a loaf of bread or a litre of milk, four kina will allow you to spend as much time as you like connecting with loved ones and accessing information from all over the world.”

To opt-in for a Social Pass today, dial *170# and send. Digicel Customer Care is available 24/7 by dialling 123 from your Digicel phone. For further help setting up your profile on social media platforms like Facebook, visit one of Digicel’s Smartphone Clinics, an extension of Digicel retail stores. Smartphone experts are available to help with any questions you have on social media, data usage, or smartphone operations.

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