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City schools receive tablets

The National Capital District Governor Honourble Powes Parkop has officially launched the tablet roll out programme for secondary schools in NCD at Kila Kila Secondary School yesterday which gives students the opportunity to access information online for academic purposes.
A total of 10,500 tablets will be distributed to schools and will be used as online learning resources for students at the cost of K3.7 million.
Governor Parkop said this would assist students in enhancing their knowledge and excel in their studies.
He said though it is a window of opportunity for student’s learning it also has disadvantages if it is not used for its intended purposes but the fact is that social media and technological advancements are part of a modern, vibrant and competitive Papua New Guinea this concept must be accepted by many parents and school authorities.
“If we keep complaining we will miss out. It’s a problem but it is also an opportunity that’s why I am taking a risk but the opportunities outweigh the risks.” NCD Governor, Powes Parkop said.
Governor Parkop wants students to harness this opportunities for PNG to become a smarter, wiser nation inline with the country’s development goals.
The partnership between Digicel and NCD to provide an online learning platform will enable students to gain access to eGranary Digital Library and internet services that will feature over 300 educational materials including Encyclopaedias. The platform will be powered using Digicel’s WIFI network.
Kila Kila Secondary School Principal Mr. Herman Panai said this initiative is convenient for accessing information online as well as cut cost for schools to purchase library books annually.
Mr. Herman Panai thanked NCD Governor Powes Parkop and his committee for selecting Kila Kila Secondary School to officiate the tablet roll out program.
The tablets will be kept by the schools and given to students for researches during class.
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