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Media industry under scrutiny in PNG

INFORMATION and Communications Minister Jimmy Miringtoro says recent developments in the media industry have raised serious issues which need to be addressed.
Miringtoro described the commercial environment as “very aggressive”, saying he was drafting legislation to deal with it.
He was at the “rebranding” of the National Broadcasting Corporation in Port Moresby yesterday.
“The use of social media is getting out of hand and legislations on cybercrime and sim card registration is about to be enacted,” he said.
“The Cross Media Ownership Law is another area I am pursuing to ensure that our State communication entities are protected and there is a level playing field for all.
“A monopoly is a concern for me and I will ensure that the majority of our people are not inconvenienced to access communication services available to them. At the same time we must ensure that the services are also available to them, especially in rural PNG, free of charge. The NBC in its rebranding is setting the foundation to generate commercial revenue to sustain community service obligation.
“Some Government entities that have assets must use them to develop their respective institutions instead of relying on Government budget every year.”
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