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Bmobile-Vodafone launches new advertising campaign

Bmobile-Vodafone has launched a new advertising campaign, promising Papua New Guinea as being "The Friendlier Network."

Rollout of this new campaign aims to introduce to PNG the telecommunication company’s achievements in providing much needed, friendlier services.

This campaign is a 360 degree, multi-media campaign and will cover the medium of press, radio, OOH (out-of-home) and digital media to deliver its intended message.

Highlighting this, chief marketing officer, Parag Panjawi, said the idea behind the campaign is to establish trust with their customers.

"It’s a well thought through campaign, our journey of arriving at a communication message started with finding what is common between what Papua New Guineans want from their mobile service provider and what is core to our brand.

"We realised it was trust, as people of PNG want to trust their mobile service to provide uninterrupted, affordable, transparent and superior quality service.

He said bmobile-vodafone believes it can be trusted with all the above mentioned and this message will be delivered through the campaign to all provinces both in english and tok pisin. Elaborating on this, the group CEO, Sundar Ramamurthy explained the message of ‘the friendlier network’ is not only about the ad campaign, but of the way the company conducts itself when dealing with issues like solving subscriber queries.

"We will aim to apply the same best practices to our communication here in PNG as Vodafone does globally."

Mr Panjawi added that the campaign will grow over a period of time beginning with three new advertisements with focus to its coverage, customer care services and its best deals in terms of value for money, respectively.

"Going forward, we will start communicating our products, like our mobile app, our unlimited bundles, our value-added services like buying electricity, checking your superannuation balance.
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