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BSP Bank to introduce new e-banking services

BANK South Pacific will be introducing new innovations in its e-banking channel to provide efficient services to its customers.
Chief executive officer Robin Fleming said the new services would be incorporated into the bank’s mobile and internet banking facilities to provide access to other service providers such as the airlines.
“We are going through a project at the moment to increase our product range on our mobile banking to improve its functionality,” Fleming said.
“This is particularly in the number of service providers that has the capacity within the banking system and the customer base to more online activities.  We are talking to airline companies about being able to have payment for bookings online using our mobile phones and more internet gateway type activities and transactions.
“This would mean that if you are making travel bookings, whichever airline it is, it will have an interface to our system.
“This is where you do the booking and payment online and you will be able to do a sale without having to travel to an ATM or travel service area.”
Fleming said the project was expected to be finalised by the middle of next year.
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