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MyNet to deliver fastest service in Papua New Guinea

MyNet, an innovative start up company, seeks to provide wireless fibre-like speed internet connections to the whole of Lae city at an affordable rate for consumers.

Alex Roalakona, MyNets project manager,  that the company is planning to get Lae city into the latest mobile data communications technology using the 4G LTE (Fourth Generation – Long term Evolution).

"We are working to provide the cheapest & fastest internet services in Lae," said Roalakona.

He said that MyNet Wireless connection will be able to cover Malahang, Bumayong, Igam and 12 mile in Lae.

Roalakona said that the company is now utilising wireless Wi-Fi technology to serve a large area of Lae with fast internet connections.

Roalakona said MyNet in partnership with SpeedCast has been able to set up four satellite dishes that will be used to provide a 4G LTE internet coverage in Lae.

"4G LTE is the next stage in mobile network development and provides users with much faster data speed than 3G is able to," said Roalakona.

He said that 4G LTE will also increase the speed of those existing applications that already work on mobile devices.

"To give a few examples, 4G includes high definition mobile video conferencing and gaming, improved web browsing, picture sharing and other mobile activities," said Roalakona.

Mr Roalakona said that MyNet using 4G LTE will continue to provide customers with the latest technology in mobile broadband so users can experience a faster and more reliable browsing using 4G wireless hubs, smart phones and dongles wherever they are across Lae City.

He said that the company approved by NICTA is now planning to venture out to other centres as well.

"MyNet will also be moving to Port Moresby shortly and plans to provide the University of Technology in Lae with wireless Wi-Fi," said Roalakona.

He said that MyNet is specifically for the grassroots people with the minimum prepaid packages made affordable for only K2 for a 100mb for two days.

Mr Roalakona said that MyNets prepaid packages and mobile phone gadgets are now available at all Seeto Kui outlets in Lae.
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