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Most expensive and cheap Internet Service providers in Papua New Guinea

The information here details internet providers in Papua New Guinea (PNG). We outline whether their internet service is cheap or expensive. The list below is organised in most expansive internet service provider to the least expansive provider.

1. Digicel PNG
Digicel is a Mobile Company in Papua New Guinea. This company boasts of having largest network in Papua New Guinea and  provides Papua New Guinea's most expensive Internet Services.  This company deceives and tricks subscribers on their network with false advertisements and robbing their customers. Many customers have complained about this company for stealing from them.

A facebook group called "Digicel Complain Group". You can visit this facebook group and see the complaints posted there.

"Note: If you are a visitor to PNG, it is good to look at alternative internet service provider. Digicel will definitely disappoint you.

2. Online Pacific 
Pacific Online also provides pricey internet service  in PNG. You have to purchase  their set disks to have internet through them.

3. Datec
Datec also provides internet services in PNG. Again you have to purchase set up disks or have to connect to existing telephone line. Quite expensive to access internet through them. Monthly billing applies.

4. Daltron
Daltron is another internet service provider.  It is one of  the expensive internet service providers. You have to  purchase their set up disks and access internet through them or existing telephones lines

5. Hitron
Owned by Digicel and  it is quite expensive to access internet through this company. Needs to set up disks or dial up on existing telephone line.

6. Oceanic
Needs to set up disks to setup disks. Montly billing

7. Global Internet.
Needs to set up disk. Too expansive for rural areas.

8. Conserv PNG Ltd

Needs to set up disks.

9. Hicom
Needs to set up disks

10. Nisms
Needs to setup disks.

11. Bmobile - Vodafone
Mobile phone company in PNG. Internet can be accessed on Mobile phones, modems. Reasonable pricing with good promotions.

12. Telikom PNG

PNG Government owned company, reasonable pricing. Major towns throughout PNG can easily access internet on Telikom City phones, modems and disks, wife. etc. Recommended for visitors to PNG.
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