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Periscope streams now play automatically on Twitter's mobile app

Periscope live streams will now play automatically on Twitter thanks to improved integration with the social network.

Footage being broadcast through the app will be treated like any other video on the microblogging service, saving users a click or a tap.

Clicking through allows users to watch, like or comment on the full stream without logging into their Periscope account. In fact, you don't even need a Periscope account at all.

The feature is now live on Twitter's iOS app, and is coming to Android and the web in the near future.

"For broadcasters, this means you can reach the massive Twitter audience. And for everyone on Twitter, there's now a richer experience in your home timeline, search results, and on anyone's profile who's shared a Periscope," said the Periscope team in a blog post.

The Twitter update comes one month after Periscope was named as Apple's best iOS app of 2015.
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