Girls in ICT Scholarships in PNG - 2022

The Papua New Guinea Government through the NICTA has been providing scholarships to aspiring young girls. The ICT scholarships are now available for girls to study ICT in PNG institutions in 2022. 

The objective of the scholarships of the scholarships are to

  • Girls in ICT Scholarships in PNG - 2022
    Girls in ICT Scholarships in PNG - 2022 
     Encourage more girls to make a career in ICT in PNG
  •  Minimize the gender imbalance in the ICT sector in PNG
  •  Promote and contribute to ITU global initiatives on Girls in ICT
  • Implement government policy on empowering women and girls 
  • meet social obligation to have an educated ICT society 

Eligible Applicant

Applicant must meet the following criteria –

  1. Female student who just completed grade 12 and aims to build a career in an ICT or a related field
  2. Achieve “B” grade average and above on her Higher School Certificate (HSC) in a science major stream
  3. Having the right attitude and behavior.
  4. Selected or accepted for a first degree program in Electrical & Communications Engineering,  Computer Science, IT or an ICT related course at a NICTA recognized tertiary institution in PNG (list attached)

Scholarships benefits

The value of the scholarship per Awardee per year shall be no more than K10,000 and shall be subject to ongoing increase by the institution.

  1. The scholarship shall cover the following
  2. Tuition, Boarding and lodging
  3. Text Book and Stationary Allowances
  4. Fortnightly stipend and
  5. Transport cost 


The Selection Committee will review all submitted applications received before or by the due date and their decisions will be final. During the selection process, Applicant referees may be contacted by phone. The Selection Committee may also choose to interview the applicant. Selections will be based on both academic and non-academic considerations.


As per the NICTA Girls in ICT Policy 2013, the tertiary institutions that NICTA recognizes to provide sponsorship to an Awardee are:

(i) PNG University of Technology

(ii) University of Papua New Guinea

(iii) Papua New Guinea University of Natural Resources and Environment

(iv) University of Goroka

(v) Divine Word University

(vi) Pacific Adventist University

(vii) Institute of Business Studies

And others recognized by the Department of Higher Education Research Science & Technology (DHERST) which have ICT related study activities.

How to Apply 


1. All sections must be completed. Incomplete applications will be disqualified. Please use N/A to indicate unable to answer. Leave no blanks.

2. Applications must be neatly written if hand-written. Otherwise we prefer to be typed or identically reproduced in computer form. The editable version of the form can be found on the NICTA website,

3. Applications must include the following –

Completed Application form, including essay

Two (2) references (e.g. school teacher, pastor or community leader, etc) with current contact  information for each

Certified copy of Grade 12 certificate (viewed by Commissioner of Oaths)

Copy of acceptance or offer letter

Download Application Form    /  Download Information Sheet.

Please mail completed applications to –

GICT Scholarship Programme

HR Branch 


PO Box 8444


National Capital District

Or Email:

For those in POM, applications can also be hand delivered to NICTA head office, located at Frangipani Street, Hohola in a clearly marked envelope.

4. Only successful applicants will be notified before start of 2022 Academic year.

Applications must be received by 4:00 pm, January 31st, 2022. THERE WILL BE  NO EXCEPTIONS.

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