PNG Government owned Mobile carrier Bmobile CASHpot promotion starts

Papua New Guinea Government -owned mobile network operator, bmobile, will be giving away K50,000 in cash starting today, to a lucky winner, as part of its four-week Krismas CASHpot promotion.

PNG Government owned Mobile carrier Bmobile CASHpot promotion starts

According to bmobile, the promotion was launched last Monday, and will end on Dec 20.

Every Monday for four weeks, one lucky bmobile customer will be called live on FM100.

If they answer within the first five rings with “Merry Krismas Bmobile”, they would win the cash prize.

“Krismas CASHpot promotion applies to all customers who have a number beginning with either 75 or 76 (REDiSIM) or 78 (4GLTE BLUE SIM),” bmobile said in a statement.

“The lucky customer called must be using a number that is registered under their own name.

“The K50,000 cash prize will be on offer for one lucky winner, however if the first number called isn’t successful, another opportunity will be up for grabs to win the money for a second number.

“Similarly, if they do not successfully answer, then it is repeated one more time for a third number.

“If none of them wins, the prize money increases to K100,000 in next Monday’s draw.

“To enter the promotion, Bmobile customers need to top up with K5 or more and they automatically go into the draw.”


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