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SpeedCast signs deal for satellite network

O3b Networks has completed an agreement with a PNG-based global network and satellite communications service provider to provide state-of-the-art satellite connectivity in Lae.
The agreement was completed last month with SpeedCast.
It allows high throughput, low latency broadband service for enterprise and consumer customers through O3b’s innovative Medium Earth Orbit satellites.
SpeedCast will operate the new O3b service in Lae, which is the second O3b terminal deployed by the SpeedCast Group in the country.
Local internet service provider Seeto Kui’s MyNet ISP will roll out a low latency, city-wide WiFi distribution in Lae using the new service.
SpeedCast chief executive officer Pierre-Jean Beylier in a statement said they were pleased to deliver a new level of performance for their customers in Lae.
“Partnering with O3b, we are able to provide the most cutting-edge satellite connectivity available in the region today,” Beylier said.
“Extending the reach of this low latency international connectivity via the wireless network around Lae, we expect the business community will find a significant improvement over the satellite connectivity they’re accustomed to.”
O3b Networks vice-president Asia Imran Malik said it relied on companies such as SpeedCast to rollout the O3b solution for its business customer with implementation and operational support.
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