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Job: Information Communications Technology (ICT) Technician needed

Recruiting: Information Communications Technology (ICT) technician to work part-time one day per week and provide on-call support to the St John Ambulance National HQ in Boroko, NCD.

a. Establish and maintain Microsoft Server Network
b. Provide on site and on-call technical support for computer and phone system.
c. Provide technical advice to senior management.
d. Demonstrate initiative in maintain and improving the organisation's ICT infrastructure.

1. At least four (4) years post-graduate experience in ICT support.
2. Microsoft Certification, including experience with Microsoft Server 2012.
3. Willingness to learn new systems.
4. Impartiality and ability to follow instruction of senior management.
5. Thorough understanding of Microsoft Windows and Office products, and Apple and Huawei phones.
6. Experience with Microsoft Access Database
7. Experience maintaining medium sized network
8. Good customer services skills and professional attitude
9. Ability to work on-call and attend the HQ during and after business hours to provide technical support.
10. Proactive, reliable and fluent in English.

1. University qualifications
2. Experience working with PBX system
3. Experience with MicrosoftOnline.
4. Knowledge of UHF radio communication systems, including Hytera radios.

Normal rate: K10 per hour.
On call rate: 2 hour call out fee + normal hourly rate thereafter.

- On site 8 hour per week flexible - 8am - 4pm, day is negotiable.
- 24 hour on call.

Send CV to info@stjohn.org.pg

Applications close 12pm Thursday, 11 Feb 2016.

Finalists should be available Friday 12 Feb 2016 for an interview.

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