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Advance technology threat to stamp industry in PNG

THE advance in technology has threatened Post PNG’s philatelic department with a decrease in its stamp sales in recent years.

PNG stamps have seen a drastic drop in sales from at least 2000 plus collectors globally to 200 less standing order customers.

This similar trend is experienced by postal administrations globally but Post PNG is not ready to call it quits.

Philatelic manager Banian Masiboda said the company has taken innovative steps and is now riding on this technology platform to keep the business going.

The company in May last year, launched an online shop called Post Stamp specifically to market its stamps.

This platform allows collectors from all over the world to see different stamps issued over the years and be able to purchase them online.

Mr Masiboda said this move has now cushioned Post PNG from the worrying trend.

"Fortunate enough for us this (Post Stamp) is working out for us.

"So PNG unlike other countries, we are trying to do something about it. I think I believe we’re doing a good job of it .

"Even though our country is small, we try to be innovative in some ways so that we are able to keep our heads above water," he said.

Previous options tried by Post PNG include different shape stamps and pineapple fragrance stamps which in fact became the 9th most extraordinary stamp in the world.

They also decreased the issues per year to eight in order to attract more collectors with the cheaper pricing.

"The number is beginning to go up. Even though people are ceasing collecting, we’re managing to get the trend up again," Mr Masiboda said. Source: Post Courier
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