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Digicel uses " Talk to Us " Facebook Forum to answer queries

Digicel has continued its successful launch of the question and answer forum series called “Talk To Us” conducted live every Thursday over Facebook.

Digicel customers have been utilizing this forum to submit their queries to Digicel’s product professionals regarding their mobile phone services.

Digicel’s Head of Consumer, Khattar Fehmi said PNG smart phone users have been asking questions around managing their data and Digicel has listened, answering their questions in Digicel’s latest ‘Talk To Us’ forum.

“We want our customers to know that they can easily manage their data according to their needs by simply being aware of the different functionalities and settings on their phone.”

The panel of experts answering customers queries have years of experience and knowledge of Digicel’s data product suite. They are specialists in the fields of mobile phone data, voice and SMS products.

“We have received great response from the weekly forum and we encourage our customers to submit their queries to be answered.

“By airing the forums through Facebook, all of PNG has the opportunity to learn the answers to queries they may have also encountered,” he said.

The forum allows customers to submit their questions at any time during the week for the product professionals to answer during the live forum. The live “Talk To Us” forums are held every Thursday between 5.00pm and 6.00pm

To participate, customers can click on the link http://goo.gl/TeK1or or click on the “Talk To Us” link on Digicel’s Facebook page.
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