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Abuse of social media a serious concern in PNG : Police

LAE Metropolitan Superintendant Anthony Wagambie Jr has condemned the use of social media to promote pornography and defame characters.

Mr Wagambie said this following a complaint from a woman who has had her Facebook profile picture with her full name posted alongside pornographic material.

He said the woman who has been named by the administrator in the explicit image was not the one however, she was forced to pay some amount of money by the administrator to avoid publication.

Meaning the wrongly identified woman was inboxed on Facebook with the picture and was threatened to pay a certain amount of money so that picture would not be published on a PNG Pornographic Page.

The victim in this matter reported to the police to have her complaint registered as she was not the one in the picture.

Besides, this is becoming a serious concern to the police, as these pages are now becoming out of control with skills generated from the rising technologies in the digital world.

"Internet and Facebook are tools to use for sharing of information, however there are lunatics out there who are continuously misusing them to tarnish the image and reputation of others," Mr Wagambie said.

There are more pages on Facebook that are operating pornographic material and are using latest computer softwares and phone applications downloaded from the internet to make money.

"I have advised the Australian Federal Police (who are based in Lae) about the matter and will be submitting a written request for advice and assistance from cybercrime experts to identify those administering pornography sites depicting PNG women and men," he said. Post Courier
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