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How to recharge PNG Telikom 3G/4G Modem with Rait Prepaid

If you bought an internet dongle (modem) from Telikom PNG, you may be wondering how to recharge the modem. Below are few ways to recharge the modem with data. Telikom allows users to buy RaitPrepaid top up card to subscribe to any internet data plan, so you must
use a RaitPrepaid to buy data.  There are three ways  to recharge your modem.

1. Use Citifon (Mobile)
   You can use citifon to recharge your modem.
a). Simple reveal the 12 digit number on your Raitprepaid.
b). dial : *121*Voucher Number from Raitprepaid*Phone Number (Modem No)# send
Your modem will have  now have the credits to  buy the data. To by data, simply dial

c). *123*offerCOde*Modem Number#

Please take note of the Offer Codes below
Offer Code     Data       Price
2                   60 MB           K2
3                   100MB         K3
5                   200MB         K5
9                  400 MB         K9
15                600 MB         K15
25                1000 MB       K25
40                2000 MB       K40
60                3000 MB       K60
90                5000 MB       K90
125             7000 MB        K125

2. Use, Phone Landline, Citifon, Bmobile-Vodafone
   a). Dial 1255 on any of the above phones.
   b). follow voice prompt.
   c). Select or enter the modem number when prompted
d). Simply follow voice prompts to subscribe to data.

3.   Transfer Modem SIM
This method is easier to perform. Simply remove the SIM from the Modem and place it in a Citifon.
Top up your credits on the citifon and buy the data.
That is

a). *121*VoucherNumber#Send
b).  For data simply enter : *123*Offer Code# Send
c) Remove the SIM again from the phone and place it in the modem.
d). buy  data and connect to the Internet : Enjoy
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