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Papua New Guinea losing Culture and traditions through Facebook : PNG TPA

Facebook is one of the reasons why we are losing a lot of our cultures and traditions.

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA), in its call to embrace our cultures, tagged modern influences, such as social media platforms, as a factor behind the loss.

“We are not only losing our languages here but we are treating the English language very poorly by inventing and using our own short forms of the English language,” says the Authority in a statement.

“Sadly, it clearly reflects on the poor quality output from our educational institutions.

“We are so unique, diverse and distinct in every aspect of our cultures and traditions that the world is only just beginning to take note.

“We are a united state of cultural diversity. Our culture is our identity, that is exactly what that differentiates us from others. No other country in the world beats us – we have 800-plus languages and over 1000 tribes.”

The PNG TPA says most of our languages are disappearing and the number of speakers are decreasing at an alarming rate.

“Our cultures and traditions are disappearing; Festivals and singsings, you now see painted cardboards as kina shells, PVC pipes as kundu drums, etc. It is a sad reality.

“This country will regret losing our greatest gift one day: Our cultures and traditions.

“People pay top dollars to travel around the world to experience authentic and unique cultures.

“In fact, the National Geographic has just named PNG as one of the top ‘cultural destinations’ in the world. This just confirms PNG as the ‘Cultural Capital of the World’.”

PNG TPA has urged everyone to fully embrace our cultures for tourism to flourish in our country.

(Picture: Today.com)..
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