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Westpac Mobile Banking using Bmobile-Vodafone

What is Westpac Mobile Banking?

Westpac Mobile Banking puts you in control of your money anytime, anywhere.  You can now access your bank account on your mobile phone, and do your banking wherever you are, whenever you want.

Do I need to download an app?

There is no need to download an app.  All you need is a Westpac personal account, a registered bmobile – vodafone mobile number and a mobile phone.

What are the features and benefits of using Westpac Mobile Banking?
You can:

Conduct balance enquiries
Request mini statements
Top up your phone or another phone
Conduct inter-accounts transfers
Pay other banks – BSP, ANZ, Kina
Bank securely by being able to regularly change your mobile PIN
How can I get started?
You will need a Westpac bank account, personal loan or home loan account.
Ensure your bmobile – vodafone number is linked to your accounts.
Dial *149# to register for mobile banking.
Create a 4-digit PIN and keep it secret

How it works?

Download the  Mobile Banking User Guide (PDF 1.14mb) for instructions on how to use this service.

Need help?
Simply speak to a Westpac banking representative by calling 322 0888
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